but consider this: amerikate normal teenagers in high school au

honors student kate bishop writing “mrs. kate chavez” on her notebooks

star lacrosse player america chavez pining over the cute girl who always cheers for her during games

    me looking at thing: yooooo
    me looking at price: nooooo

How could we not know?

How could we not know?

"Here’s the dirty little secret about this though: there is no such thing as withholding sex because there is no situation in which you owe another human being sex. Ever. Your body is 100% your own and you get to consent or not consent to other people doing things to or with your body for whatever the hell reason you would like. This includes because you’re pissed off at the person, because they did something you didn’t like, because you just don’t fucking feel like it, because you’re tired, because you don’t feel attractive, because you’d rather read a book…any of the above. And not wanting to have sex with someone because you have negative feelings towards them at a given moment is not in fact punishment. It’s actually a very natural human feeling not to want to be physically intimate with someone when you’re annoyed/angry/hurt/sad with them. Oddly enough letting someone be close to your body when you don’t feel emotionally close to them doesn’t always feel great (if that’s your thing then go for it, but for those who don’t like it then there is no fucking reason to apologize).

But the idea that you can pull some sort of power play in a relationship by not giving the other person something which you don’t owe to them in the first place makes no sense. It would be like telling your partner that you’re going to punish them by not baking them chocolate chip cookies every day: sure, maybe they would like those cookies but in no way are you obligated to bake them cookies anyway, so they should probably be just fine getting along without it. The idea that you should feel as if the only way you can express that you’re angry or upset or unhappy in your relationship is by taking ownership over your body in a way that is so basic it should never have been a question is somewhat disgusting. If your partner has you so convinced that you owe them sex, no wonder you feel a little angry or vindictive towards them."

“Withholding Sex” and Other Lies | We Got So Far To Go (via keetsey)

sister shamelesslyunladylike, i am so so happy to see this post on my dash! this is the missing conceptual layer that now offers me complete understanding of my political celibacy. wheeee! thank you! <3 <3 <3

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What if everything was just a bad dream and you wake up to a perfect life


When we’re young our parents embarrass us…


But there gets to be a point where we start to embarrass  them… 



Propunk Birthday AU: Rachel has difficulties telling Sarah how much she loves appreciates Sarah’s presence in her life. 

Teen Wolf Meme: [2/2] Colors » Pink & Purple

Lana Del Rey & music videos

Describing Natural Hair


Anonymous asked: As I’m not a rude weirdo going around touching other people’s hair I’ve been struggling to describe my PoC protagonist’s hair and it’s texture. I’ve seen ‘cloudlike’ as a description I really like! Any suggestions, tips, or advice for describing natural hair both to depict a character and to indicate her race when white readers tend to assume white regardless of skin color?

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Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.

"He’s not your son,” said Sirius quietly.

He’s as good as,” said Mrs. Weasley fiercely.

Anónimo said:
Cause I ask if u will be watching s12 and u never ans, does that mean your ans might be offensive?


yeah, honestly.

i have no intention of sitting down and watching religiously, if at all next season. i have 10.1 amazing seasons that i can sit down and enjoy with no hard feelings. i can’t, however, subject myself to the tired, mundane show it’s become - and that sad fact will i’m sure offend some people. i’m just not at all interested in the it’s-all-about-ellie-how-did-we-ever-survive-without-you-cause-we-clearly-need-severe-help-in-the-investigating-department-show.